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Evergreen Adventure Playground was recognised as “London’s Adventure Playground of the Year 2005” and received an “Outstanding” commendation from Ofsted in 2015.

Currently Evergreen serves over 700 registered children, of which 12-15% are children with a disability. Each year there are increasing numbers of registration as parents continue to see the benefits of the programme. We are proud to be the only place in Hackney who provide support workers for children with disabilities

Top View of Kids Playing

Some of our proudest achievements have to do with how the children open up when they are at the playground and how they come back to the playground as visitors and playworkers. You can read some of those amazing stories down below:


We have had multiple children with specific needs (non-verbal/autistic children) who have started using language after spending time at the playground. Many of the special needs visitors used to use 1-1 support and can now come whenever and enjoy their time at the playground. 

There is one 21 year old who started coming to the playground when he was only 6. He had a 1-1 worker and now he is a volunteer down here.

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